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Families are priceless. That's why I photograph maternity, births and families. The connection we create with others should be lasting. soulful. meaningful. I spend valuable time with my clients' families. They shape who I am as a photographer. 

I only accept a limited number of births a year, but I photograph fresh 48 + family sessions all year round. After you contact me, I make sure I have your desired day or maternity time frame open. Then, we schedule a time to meet in person. I love to hear about your journey and/or your family. This meeting is about you. You'll also get an opportunity to look at some beautiful boutique client albums.


Maternity Session


Maternity sessions are relaxed and about your story. They typically take place in your home or a nearby location. It depends on what type of session and images you desire. Sessions are 1 - 1.5 hours. The best time to take your maternity photos is during the end of your six month, beginning of your seventh month of  pregnancy. If you're having more than one baby, then it'll be earlier.


There's nothing quite as gorgeous as a mother-to-be. She is carrying a miracle; a celebration of new life. I am amazed how a woman's body can adapt. Your maternity deserves to be captured. You deserve to remember this beautiful time in your life. You are a miracle and so is your baby-to-be.

Birth + fresh 48


What is the difference between birth photography and a fresh 48? Birth photography entails being on-call two weeks prior to your due date and two weeks after your due date. Your baby's birth story is told from mid-laboring through the delivery process. Every labor and delivery is completely different which makes your story unique. Do you have more questions about birth photography? Please don't hesitate to contact me. (I take a limited amount of birth clients per month and year, so please contact me as soon as you decide to document your baby's birth).



Fresh 48 is for those who want to capture your baby's arrival within the first 48 hours, but you do not want the whole birth process photographed. I arrive to your place of delivery within 24 - 48 hours after your baby is born and spend a 1-2 hours capturing your baby and/or family. These moments are of you getting to know your bundle of joy. 

In-home newborn family sessions are also a great option once mother and baby are home, comfortable and settled. 



Family Session



Family lifestyle sessions are so much fun! These are very interactive. It's as if I'm behind the scenes with your family. You plan an activity (i.e., the park, backyard play time, the zoo) and I capture what's happening.


your session




I have one rule on your family session day and that is for everyone to HAVE FUN! Spending time with your family should be fun and I want you to experience that and then relive it when you see your photos.  Capturing the emotions and little moments is what I do. Your day is meant to flow organically and that is how I photograph your session. 


q and a's

How long after your session can photos be viewed? My turnaround time is 2 - 4 weeks.

How many photos can you expect to receive from your session?  I approximately deliver 50- 75 images.

Do you offer albums? Absolutely! I offer a beautiful boutique linen album in 8.25x11. 10x10. 12x12. 11x14.

After the album is ordered, how long does it take to receive it? Approximately 7 weeks.

Who picks the photos for my album? You will pick what photos you want in your album.

When and how do I pay for my session? An online contract must be signed and an online invoice must be paid prior to your session.

Can you advise me on what to wear for my session? Yes! I'll send you some helpful hints via an online link.

Do you have other questions not listed above? Click below to ask me.



Since I was a little girl, I always remember my Mother having a camera in her hand. I have inherited boxes and boxes of tangible photographs documenting my family's & my journey through life. My Mother captured everything  just as it happened. Real life. Real moments. Real time. Those photographs are priceless. They tell stories and capture emotions that words cannot express. One could say she passed the photography gene to me. I've always needed some form of creativity in my life (i.e., sewing, playing instruments, singing, dancing, painting). The bug bit me as a twelve year old girl scout needing to earn a photography badge and then  again in high school. The feel of film. The darkroom.  A blank piece of photo paper one minute and then a tangible, developed print minutes later. 

For me, photography is about capturing the moments in between the moments. It's capturing life, love and light from different perspectives. It's printing your photographs and filling your walls full of sweet memories. It's a tangible statement in a visual form.


A little bit about me...

Patient. confident. humorous. adventurous. spontaneous. outgoing. determined. focused.

I am a Canon Shooter

I love the smell of fresh lilacs and lavender 

I started taking photos at age 12 during girl scouts to earn a badge

I believe prints and albums matter

I am a dog lover and have a rescue dog [Newt], who is spoiled

I love handmade quilts and am currently sewing one

I don't have cable and rarely watch t.v.

I wish clothes lines would come back into style

I like to encourage people to believe in themselves and to go after their dreams

I love the sound of a thunderstorm and rain on a tin roof

I prefer a tangible pen and paper over electronic devices

I know my directions (north+south+east+west) very well

I love fruit tea and starbucks Chai Tea. (double chai please)

My favorite photographer from history is Dorthea Lange (Depression Era)

There's nothing more beautiful than the glow of an expecting mother

If I wasn't doing photography I would have a dog rescue sanctuary

I dream of going to Ireland, Iceland and Italy one day

Sky diving is on my bucket list

I like a little coffee with my cream




Your maternity. birth or lifestyle session. is extremely important to me. It's essential for me to get to know my clients as soon as possible. Please take a moment to fill out my questionnaire. I will send you a PDF with details including prices.

Darcy serves the middle Tennessee area 931.674.1747

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